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K.S. Management 


Our Swiss Partner


Our Partner For Steel Welded Radiators

Turn Key Panel Radiator Plant

-Fully automatic from the steel coil up to the packed plate-type radiator ready for dispatch.

-We design, implement and supply complete manufacturing lines, ready to be deployed for the production of plate-type radiators. You can produce over 1 million sheet plate-type radiators per year fully automatically with only one Schalch welding line.

-What you get is a fully automatic plant tailored and customised to meet your specific needs: From the half-shells and lamination press with a patented step tool, various welding stations, innovative test bath right up to the coating machine with transfer of the finished radiator to the automatic packing and palletising station.

-Our service team is at your disposal at all times: regardless of whether you need to modify or expand your system, or need spare parts or support. We are there to serve you. Globally.


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