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K.S. Management 


Our Swiss Partner




K.S. Management SIA is founded on the know how of the Norwegian company Tipro NOVA AS.


Tipro NOVA AS (founded in 1918) has been manufacturing steel panel radiators at its plant in Norway and has been known in the market for decades as ”NOBØ”. The company has after some restructuring merged with K.S. Management SIA.


K.S. Management SIA develops and carries out projects of production of radiators for water heating. The company may thus offer turn-key radiator production lines.  These production lines contain the most sophisticated technology available.


Our individual approach and liability to the customers differentiates us from other radiators manufacturers.


Our product:

Welded steel radiators and aluminium radiators designed for use in water heating systems. The products fully comply with the European standard EN 442, which implies that the radiators may be sold in EU and CIS markets.


Our mission:

To provide the best high tech radiator products available in the market.


Our vision:

To be the preferred partner for our suppliers and customers.


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